Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling for Women

Does any of this sound familiar?

~ You feel successful in most areas of your life, except around food.
~ You’ve lost count of how many diets you’ve tried.
~ You believe that if you could just lose weight, you’d be happier and healthier.
~ The number on the scale can affect your mood for the whole day.
~ You’ve struggled with this for so long, you’re tempted to just give up.

You’re not crazy.  You’re not alone.
And there is a better way.

I specialize in working exclusively with Binge Eating Disorder (BED), compulsive overeating, and chronic dieting.   If you are struggling with anorexia or bulimia, I’m more than happy to connect you with amazing therapists that I highly recommend.

I support women who are ready for something different. Women who have been disappointed by diets that haven’t worked and have blamed themselves.  They are ready for a new, more sustainable path, and know they could use some help getting pointed in a different direction. I provide that with a combination of support, challenge, skilled attention and humor.

When you embrace your whole self with curiosity, compassion, and mindfulness, a world of new possibilities emerges.

It’s time we start truly caring for ourselves.  Your body is wonderfully wise and the source of incredible information about what you need.

This isn’t about following rules…       It’s about following your own intuition.

This isn’t about being “good”…           It’s about honoring your authentic self.

This isn’t about “fixing” yourself…  It’s about listening to your body’s wisdom.

This isn’t about deprivation…            It’s about finding what’s truly satisfying.


Signs you and I would work well together include:

  • You’ve been in a pattern of overeating, then restricting, and then lose control – and are ready to do this differently.
  • You want to find a way to live in your body without hating it.
  • You’d love to treat yourself with more kindness, but don’t know how to quiet your inner critic enough to get there.
  • The idea that you can trust your body feels liberating (and maybe a little scary at the same time)
  • You no longer want to let your weight hold you back from a full life.
  • You’re not willing to define yourself and sacrifice your well-being for a number on the scale any longer.

I am not a weight loss coach.  Regardless of where you fall on the weight spectrum, together we’ll look beneath the symptoms of your struggle and help you cultivate a more satisfying relationship with your body, food, and movement.

This shift into a new relationship with your body doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a complex thing, connected to every aspect of your life, and looks different for everybody. I can’t tell you how many sessions this will take.  This is a relationship of curiosity, respect for you and your process, grounded in the present moment and holding your very best interests at heart.

I’m a guide. But the territory is all yours.

My role is to introduce you to a different way of thinking… and then step out of the way so you can shine. I’m most interested in giving you your own authority back.  In making friends with that part of you that rallies against restriction.

Therapy happens in person in Boulder, Colorado.  I also offer coaching via skype for those at a distance. Coaching offers skill-based assistance with improving your body image and attitudes toward eating and exercise.

Want to know more? You can read more about my approach here. If you’re interested in seeing how we might work together, contact me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.