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Can you imagine if everyone loved the way they looked naturally? And if they loved the way other people looked naturally? It would leave much more room for people to focus on what’s important. And what is important is a long list! ~Astrid

What’s on your list of important truths? Here’s a sampling from mine:

~ Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
~ Your weight says nothing about your worth, or what you’re entitled to.
~ Your body is not your enemy. It’s your wise, life-long companion.
~ Dieting is not self-care. Restrictions are not nourishing.
~ It’s time we invite pleasure back to our tables and our lives.
~ We must stop making assumptions about people based on their body size.
~ Letting go of body dissatisfaction is a liberating and radical act of self-love.

Too many people are married to the number on the scale. Too many people are stuck in the cycle of dieting and overeating.

We need peace of mind. It’s time we drop the struggle, embrace our whole selves, and declare a new chapter in our embodied lives.

It’s time we shift …

… from self-judgment to radical self-love.
…from shame to radiant self-expression.
… from chasing an ideal to celebrating what’s right here and now.
… from what we weigh to how we live.

Uncovering What Matters

Creating a new, more trusting relationship with your body includes a simple question: “Am I hungry?” But that’s just the beginning. If we hang out with this question, there’s more to find out. This process unfolds into a broader constellation of questions. Like, “What do I want?”,  “What really satisfies me?” and “What have I had enough of?”

This isn’t about denying ourselves. And it’s not a free-for-all. Done well, it’s a gateway to fundamental, nourishing freedom.

Many women I work with have a bit of a rebellious streak (though they often don’t recognize it at first). There’s a wild energy in them that rallies against rules, restrictions, and confinement. I love this energy. But we can get stuck in battle mode. I show women how to harness this powerful energy in liberating new ways. This isn’t about following rules or rebelling against them. It’s about discovering genuine empowerment.

Then there’s freedom. Freedom to eat the cake. Freedom to not eat the cake. There’s discernment. Attunement with your deepest self.  A new relationship with yourself and your world that’s founded on compassion, mindfulness, and peace. It’s a revolution of self-love.

You have more in you than you know. You have strength. Wisdom. A finely tuned authenticity meter. You have the capacity to be fully free, happy, and satisfied. This is about embracing all that you are.  And the results radiate through your whole life.

Your body houses incredible wisdom.

I want you to have access to all of that.


I practice the Health At Every Size approach, which helps people integrate sustainable health-care practices and celebrates the diversity of human bodies.  Whether you’re my one-on-one client, a group participant, or a professional who wants to work compassionately with weight concerns, I encourage you focus on intuitive self-care, authentic self-expression, and a loving partnership with your own unique body.

What truly nourishes you? Let’s find out

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