Kind Words

Because of confidentiality, I don’t share what clients have said about our work together. Here are some words from people who are not clients, but who know me professionally:

Carmen works tirelessly to help people make peace with their bodies and dive into life fully. Her work helps people move beyond body hatred, so they can thoroughly participate in their lives.  Carmen has a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many people, offering them the opportunity to live with excellent physical and mental health, and with passion to pursue their purpose in life.
~ Connie Sobczak, The Body Positive

When it comes to body image, eating concerns and the emotional challenges that so many of our youth and adults are facing, Carmen Cool is absolutely one of my favorite experts. I consider her a thought leader, an inspired teacher, a skilled trainer, and a heartfelt facilitator and therapist. It’s difficult to find a trustworthy and wise voice that speaks to what truly matters in the most important areas of weight, body and personal development. Carmen is putting her depth of wisdom into action with powerful results.  I recommend her work and her expertise most highly.
~ Marc David, Author, Nutritional Psychologist,
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

As a therapist, Carmen has an incredible capacity to meet people inside of their concerns, while pointing them in the direction of what’s possible. As a speaker, she is articulate and compelling, and is willing to both ask and answer questions that expand perspective. She is insightful, smart and compassionate. When you’re in Carmen’s presence you feel better about who you are.  She is also a pioneer of the Health At Every Size movement, a trusted colleague, and and friend.
~ Linda Bacon, PhD, Researcher and Author of Health At Every Size

After learning from Carmen, I have felt a beautiful transformation happening with how I approach eating for myself and with my clients. I have a very strong belief that the path to health and happiness is through self-love.  She is teaching and modeling for all of us how to transform body dissatisfaction into love and compassion and the ultimate goal of overall health. Completely inspiring! I highly recommend that you hire Carmen for support with your own journey with weight or if you are a health professional, I beg you to take the opportunity to hear Carmen’s message.
~ Kimba Kjolhede, Eating Psychology Coach

Carmen’s magic touch is that she is raw and gentle in her approach, and authentic and honest with each person she encounters – a true example and inspiration of the positive messages she is helping women develop and send out to the world! I am so honored to have worked with Carmen and continue to be amazed by the personal and global changes that unfold in each person whose life she touches!
~ Meagan Sokol, MA, Spiral Bound Art Therapy

Every woman needs to have a moment, or more, with Carmen Cool.  Just being in her presence is an experience that fills me with self acceptance, good humor, and heightens my insights about myself and society.  Her level of personal integrity and passion for her work is a rare find.  I immensely value the contributions she continues to make to the field of eating disorders, and her social justice work to change the way we view our bodies in this society.  Carmen is one of the few people who truly walks her talk, empowering us all to live more fully, get accurate information and shift societal prejudices.  She is making our community a safer and wiser place to live.  I am so grateful to know her and to be benefiting from her visionary work.
~ Ellen Boeder, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist

The more folks I meet and the more people trust me with their stories, the more deeply grateful I become for the work you do in the world. We are so damaged by the notion of “rightness” in body. We become so divided from ourselves. And you put your hands out everyday, holding the people who fall into that breach. So on behalf of a community – thank you.
~ Max Regan, MFA,
Hollowdeck Press

Some therapists are trained into their expertise and clinical acumen, and some are born into it. Few, like Carmen Cool, possess both qualities-the insatiable drive to learn and perfect their skills, and the inherent capacity for healing. Carmen’s colleagues and her clients are equally blessed by her generous spirit and her devotion to her practice.
~ Beth Hartman McGilley, PhD, FAED

Simply put, I find your work revolutionary and critical.
~ Emily Andrews, Boulder County YWCA

Your talk yesterday was impeccable:  clear, inspired, real, educational, engaging and helpful.  Thank you for showing up with such care and love ~ in action.
~ Melissa Michaels, Ed.D.,  Golden Bridge

Having worked with executive directors across the country for the last 25 years, I can easily say that Carmen is one of the most talented leaders I’ve met. On top of her competence she is a delightful person with a great sense of humor and lives with a spirit of generosity.  The field of body image, youth development and the community of Boulder are fortunate to have Carmen as a colleague and leader in their midst.
~  Mike Allison, Michael Allison Consulting

The greatest value of your speaking was that it prompted the students in the class to re-think their own biases.  There has been a real change in the tone and content of class discussion since your presentation. They were thoroughly impressed with your message but most of all they were touched by your openness and passion.  You are such a wonderful resource and my students absolutely love you.
~ Christina Scribner, MS, RD, CSSD, Professor,  Arizona State University

When Carmen presents to our staff, her demeanor is accessible and warm but also very straightforward. Carmen has helped to deepen the way I think about body-type injustices and privileges in a truly meaningful way. She is an engaging facilitator with a critical message.
~ Blair Young, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

Carmen is so insightful! Each time I speak with her, I learn something new. She is extremely talented at addressing health and well-being in a nonthreatening and empowered way.
~ Anne-Marie Braga,  MSSW, LCSW, Director of Youth and Young Adult Initiatives,  Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


From Teens

Carmen is changing the way we look at our bodes – from something we need to alter to amazing vessels that we should respect and honor. She is a selfless, kind hearted, influential, funny woman…and who better to lead a revolution? She has changed my life.
~ V. K.

Carmen’s guidance and encouragement has been unfaltering. They way she walks in this world with sensitivity and grace is inspiring. I am a more confident, body positive, self-accepting, knowledgeable young woman. I have never felt more comfortable or beautiful in my own skin.
~ R. B.

Carmen is my role model because she honestly embodies all these qualities that I want to carry with me the rest of my life:  warmth, empathy, passion, and her insane ability to connect with people. She helped me realize that self-worth is something I get to define and it is not based on the approval of other people.
~ K.F.

You taught me that the way to spread body positivity is to begin with self-love. You taught me that kindness and inclusiveness are beautiful. You taught me that I am powerful. You taught me how to start opening up to people (that’s always been hard for me). You taught me that with passion, love, and creativity, you can accomplish nearly anything. You taught me that I am enough. You taught me that I can change people’s perspectives, standards of beauty and maybe the world.
~ L.F.

One thing I really admire about Carmen is that most relationships with adults are one-way. You tell them things, but you don’t hear many of their stories.  I also feel like some adults feel like they have to be perfect, or they have to be a role model all the time.Carmen isn’t like that at all—she shares stories, and is good at just being herself, and she acknowledges that she’s a human, too.
~ A.H.

Working with Carmen, I learned that I have a voice.  My words have power.  That I am enough. And I can be loved by other people just as I am (and loved by myself too).  I learned that hating my body is a waste of time.  I want to remember that it is important to take care of, love and forgive myself, and to look shame and doubts in the face.
~ K.F.

My whole life was insecurities and trying to become something I wasn’t.  I went from having a mindset that I had nothing important to say, and nothing to contribute to the world, to thinking I am capable of anything. Carmen plucked me out of my sad brain, cradled me in her loving, beautiful arms for 2 years, taught me everything I need to know about being a person, and then told me to go change the world. The most beautiful part is I fully believe I can now, because she believes it. I am forever grateful.
~ V.J.

I have known Carmen Cool for four years, and my life has not been the same since. She is unbelievably trustworthy. She is one of the most encouraging, kind, passionate women I have ever met and I am lucky to have her in my life. 
~  G. T.