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Confronting Weight Bias

My heart was broken three times this week. A client of mine told me a story of how a neighbor left a set of dumbbells on her front porch with a note that said, “You might want to try these.”  I sat in a gathering of women, all of whom made critical comments about themselves as they were looking through photos.  And I met with a school administrator who told me about a student who was made fun of by her fellow 7 year olds for bringing a bag of Cheetos in her lunch – the other kids pointing at her and saying “those aren’t healthy! You’re gonna get fat!”

We live in a time and place where thin and fit bodies are afforded privilege and respect, and large bodies are subject to prejudice and discrimination.

This makes me crazy.

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About Carmen Cool

I am a psychotherapist who invites people to shift their focus from striving for the "right" weight or way of eating into a way of being that is more vibrant and alive.

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