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Go beneath the struggle and find peace.

You can trust your body. I can help.

You can have a better relationship with your body, food and exercise. One that frees you to enjoy a richer, fuller, and healthier life.

Declare Peace

Imagine no more war. Nourishment banishes restriction. Satisfaction and self-expression replace bingeing and shame. I’d love to show you the way.


Health at Every Size

You can hate your body at any size. You can love your body at any size. What if you began practicing loving self-care for the body you have today?


For Professionals

If you’re looking for a more effective and compassionate way to help your clients with weight concerns, I’d love to support you. Let’s make a difference together!


Power in Numbers

Positive body image is a personal and cultural affair. Imagine a supportive community devoted to replacing shame with positivity, reverence, and respect.


What People are Saying

When it comes to body image and eating concerns, Carmen is absolutely one of my favorite experts. I consider her a thought leader, an inspired teacher, a skilled trainer, and a heartfelt facilitator and therapist. It’s difficult to find a trustworthy and wise voice that speaks to what truly matters in the areas of weight, body and personal development. Carmen is putting her depth of wisdom into action with powerful results.  I recommend her work and her expertise most highly.
~ Marc David, Author, Nutritional Psychologist,
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating